Her First Day As An Escort

Monica was your ordinary college girl who was never recognized in class or school. Perhaps because she was a geek, always good with computer stuffs, and wore big glasses. She was an introvert too and only hung out with her other geek friend. But she was actually very beautiful and had an incredible body, though she hid it all with oversized jeans and hoodies.

While she loved being smart, Monica was tired of seeming to be invisible. After going through the Eve Escorts agency site, she decided she wanted to be one of those hotties on the site. She went through videos and guides on how to wear makeup and look great. After an extreme make over, she was the talk of the school. No one could recognize the new Monica. She got a chance at this high level escort agency since she had the looks, the personality and the discipline for the job.

So her first date came the second day at work, after her initial training. It was a middle-aged man who was new in town and wanted some fun with a professional escort. Monica wasn’t a virgin but this was going to be the first time she was going to meet a random man and possibly have sex on the first day for money. So it was normal that she was scared at first.

They agreed to meet in a hotel room. She got the address and went straight to the room where her client was already waiting. She knocked on the door and there stood a tall, masculine, blue eyed man. He was so handsome and this made Monica more nervous. The last time she had sex was with a school mate, an ordinary guy, with no class. So this date was a big deal.

The guy looked her over and asked if she was ok. She was nervous, and explained that this was her first time on the job. The client was pleased and was willing to make her feel comfortable. She was now engrossed by the mood of the moment and went for a kiss. The two kissed for a moment before she removed his trouser and the guy was already hard. He had a romantic scent and this turned Monica on.

The two were now naked and the guy went down and licked her clitoris. This made her even hornier. Her pussy was now wet and ready for his hard cock. She demanded for it so he couldn’t hesitate. He drove his huge cock into her pussy and she moaned louder. This guy was quite experienced and he gave him a fuck of her life time. She enjoyed it and was now calm and ready for more.…